A job well done in Äänekoski bio product mill

Timber-ready passage control display system                                         

Soon may the first trucks arrive with full loads of timber to Metsä Group`s new bio product mill, if it was only Digitekno to be asked. We are finally showing green lights to the project, which has, due to its recent installations, taken another step ahead. What a journey it has been to this point. The added value provided by us for the customer, can be easily stated, and brings meaning to all actions we have taken along the way. The passage control display portal is now ready to welcome trucks transporting timber.

We would like to express our gratitude towards the people at Metsä Group, since they pulled a brilliant job in the preparations they made for us. Now it´s time to sit back, take a pause, and think about the things we have accomplished within this project. Our take on it is that now we now that everything can be done, if done right.