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We are a versatile technology company working within the areas of electronics assembling, cable manufacturing and LED based display and scoreboard manufacturing, as well as retail of LED screen solutions. We are an experienced partner when handmade products are required and when quality and professionality makes a difference. We deliver our services for cities, communities, service sector, retail, sports and various industries.

ISO9001 quality and ISO14001 environment standards are an integral part of our company-wide quality system, which helps us navigate toward our strategic goals. Being a sustainable product manufacturer and service provider hopefully gives our customers added value, which we hope will help their desicion making, in terms of where to buy.  


  • 10/11/2021 - Valtter Laaksonen, Marketing and Sales
    Digitekno reaches 1000 consecutive days without lost-time accidents

    On Tuesday 9th of November Digitekno reached a significant landmark in terms of safety at workplace; no less than 1000 consecutive days without lost-time accidents among Digitekno´s personnel. The achievement is considered highly rewarding among the management of Digitekno, who then went on and surprised the employees with a sweet cake break. 

    Have a safe day everyone!

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  • 05/01/2021 - Valtter Laaksonen, markkinointi ja myynti
    New year welcoming interesting projects

    The first quarter of 2021 fires up with some interesting new projects. In February, we deliver a giant LED screen supplied with our DT-SPORT scoreboard software, scoreboards and shotclocks, to a newly built Jokirinne learning center in Kirkkonummi, where for instance championship floorball will be played and broadcasted. We were also successful in agreeing on terms of delivery with a great Finnish company Lohjan Kumi ja Matto Oy, who will be moving to their new facilites they invested in and built from scratch, and which will soon have two Digitekno LED screens attached to its facade.

    Fortunately things are happening around other product groups as well. In upcoming spring we will be delivering 10 pcs of outdoor work safety displays to a well-known established Finnish corporate giant, who is really taking steps in further improving the dialogue within the work safety issue at its plants around Finland. Once delivered, we hope to cover some more details of the project. Overall the year 2021 looks promising in terms of conducting business, hopefully the same tailwind blows to our customers, partners and suppliers, since it´s fair to say, the positive vibe will benefit us all in the end!

    Happy and successful year 2021!  

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  • 13/08/2020 - Valtter Laaksonen, markkinointi ja myynti
    A private elementary school in Munkkiniemi got its own DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO system

    We are very pleased to announce that our super exciting project with our new customer Munkkiniemen yhteiskoulu (eng. elementery school) has gone to a happy end. The customer was given a full DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO LED screen scoreboard system with supporting devices, such as 24s shot clocks and LED light frames for basketball and scaler / videoprocessor for connecting external systems to show them on screen. We want to thank Munkkiniemi school for excellent co-operation and well carried out pre-work, which made our delivery way easier!

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  • 14/05/2020 - Valtter Laaksonen, markkinointi ja myynti
    Digitekno as a part of the best sports facility in 2020

    There`s been a lot going on within the field of sports facilities development in Finland in the past few years and it has been great to be part of it. New modern sports halls arise next to old traditional ones, which many times face heavy renovations, like in the case of Lappeenranta sports hall. In Lappeenranta, the city decided to completely renew the iconic indoor sports hall from top to bottom, also the AV system along with many other crucial systems got updated. The city chose Digitekno to be their partner in delivering the best LED screen and scoreboard system there is, which happens to result from Digitekno´s own R&D. Lappeenranta sports hall became nominated the 2020 best sports facility in Finland, and we speak with great pride, when we say it´s a delight and a true honnor to be an integral part of the establishment. Furthermore, this wasn´t the first time Digitekno has been a part of such success story, in 2018 when the city of Turku built their new sports hall, the very same thing happened. The Kupittaa sports hall was then nominated the best sports facility of Finland in 2018.

    Thanks for all the people involved in these wonderful projects, and looking forward to new projects!

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  • 03/03/2020 - Valtter Laaksonen, Marketing and Sales
    Digitekno´s logistics displays to optimize Meira Nova´s goods traffic

    In Summer 2019 we delivered a major logistics display system to logistics center of Meira Nova Oy - a retail store owned by the major Finnish retail chain S-group. The system will optimize the operation of the shipment area, where goods are being transported all around Finland. We help Meira Nova and it´s suppliers to achieve their number one goal, which is to "deliver the customers with exact orders by exact time".

    Meira Nova has been very satisfied with our system, which consists of 40 LED displays and a custom-made control software. After receiving positive feedback, we decided to produce a reference video displaying the system. The video tells more than thousand words, but if you know Finnish, you may listen what our customer, Meira Nova´s Supply Chain Manager Jouni Laukkanen has to say about working with us.

    We want to thank Meira Nova and Jouni Laukkanen for fine co-operation and commitment within this project!

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  • 20/02/2020 - Valtter Laaksonen, markkinointi ja myynti
    Latest LED screen projects have had their first use experiences - as well as ball hits

    During the last quarter of last year we delivered several new LED screens to sports halls across Finland. Our customers in Lappeenranta, Salo, Lieto and Vantaa have since their LED screen was installed had time to test and try their new system, which included Digitekno`s sports scoreboard software and other scoreboard appliances as well as the screens. We have received mostly positive feedback, but also some contructive criticism, which we take into our hearts, in terms of how we are handling it. For example in Salo, where we knew that the constant ball hit threat, when futsal is played, is there, we had to make some customization to our solution, to ensure the ball hits won´t stop the screen from functioning. Thanks to our good co-operation with our customer, the city of Salo, we have tackled the issue successfully.

    In Lappeenranta, the local sports hall had been under heavy renovation, when we brought in our state-of-the-art LED scoreboard system. The new system has now been tested in many sports events already, and shows no signs of any weaknesses, so thumbs up for that one. Our customer in Lieto showed some serious self-imposure and stepped up with an idea to cover their precious LED-screen with a transparent polycarbonate board. The screen in Vantaa was installed high up close to the ceiling, so it can be seen by people, but cannot be hit by balls, it seems.

    The place does matter.

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  • 20/12/2019 - Valtter Laaksonen, markkinointi ja myynti
    Digitekno wishes Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody!

    Every year the christmas comes, and pulls us to its warm lap. We all have earned our laid-back times wearing our sweaters, eating our chocolate, so Merry Christmas to all of you! Those of you, who keep the wheels spinning while the rest of us take our time off, have great days at work!

    Digitekno wants to thank all its customers, partners, suppliers and last but definetily not the least its employees, who yet again gave their best in turning this year great, so thank you!

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