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We are a versatile technology company working within the areas of electronics assembling, cable manufacturing and LED based display and scoreboard manufacturing, as well as retail of video display solutions. We are an experienced partner when handmade products are required and when quality and professionality makes a difference. We deliver our services for cities, communities, service sector, retail, sports and various industries.

ISO9001 quality- and ISO14001 environment standards are an integral part of our company-wide quality system, which helps us navigate toward our strategic goals. Being a sustainable product manufacturer and service provider hopefully gives our customers added value, which we hope will help their desicion making, in terms of where to buy.  


  • 26/11/2019 - Valtter Laaksonen, Sales and Marketing
    Digitekno joins Good Christmas Spirit 2019 -campaign

    For many of us, Christmas time is to unwind, relax and spend time with family and friends. Some of us want to work during Christmas, some of us have to work during Christmas and there are also people who simply wait for Christmas to go by. Everyone is entitled to their personal feelings towards Christmas. However, our children are the ones, who hope to have at least one of their wishes fulfilled, since it´s Christmas and the time for joy and happiness. Not all the families in Finland are able to fulfill even the most modest of wishes, and that´s what this campaign is all about, helping less fortunate families and their children spend Merry Christmas.

    Happy Christmas season for everyone!

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  • 05/11/2019 - Valtter Laaksonen, markkinointi ja myynti
    DT-SPORT scoreboards made by hand

    Every once in a while, when purchasing specific items such as scoreboards, you might find yourself thinking, "why do I have to pay for thousands of euros, and all I´m getting is a board full of some numbers". You might even begin to question the need for the investment. To simply justify your use of money, we want to enlighten you, why scoreboards cost thousands of euros and what type of electronic device are we dealing with.

    We simply start from scratch. We constantly maintain our supplies of various components and articles, which we need in manufacturing our scoreboards. Those components are then refined according to product drawings, in our production line, which consists of two departments, mechanical department and electronics department. Within our mechanics department, we have a number of people working on work phases, such as processing aluminum, cutting aluminum profile and applying sufficient treatment to reach high enough IP grading.

    When it comes to electronics, we walk through work phases that include designing and manufacturing circuit boards, soldering LED components and wiring the cables. We measure the time used in every work phase, which helps us to plan our pricing, together with our constant attempts in lowering our cost in the use of materials. Thus, our prices are based on systematic calculations and the moderate growth we are looking for, will be obtained by embracing happy customerships in the long run, instead of stretching our customers´ budget, whenever they need us.

    We bear pride in what we do, but at the same time, we know that we have to keep pushing forward, to provide the best products and services to our customers, who want more, and are entitled to want more. Our answer to growing needs is constant R&D. Latest examples of investing in product development are tablet touch screen user interface for Finnish baseball, simple media player for commercial use of LED screens and the whole new scoreboard for fast growing racket sport, padel.

    Reach out to us by phone or e-mail, or come to pay a visit, so let`s talk more! 

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  • 02/12/2018
    Digitekno visited ISE 2018 to witness the latest Digital Signage solutions

    ISE 2018 exhibition in Amsterdam left us with lots of insightful ideas

    Globally known, mainly LED-technology based ISE exhibition was proven to be worthwhile to visit also this year, when one of the owners and the head of R&D in LED displays in Digitekno, Mr Arto Malm and myself entered the sight for two days. In sales it´s crucial to be up-to-date with what you are selling and which customer problems you´re solving. In addition to various size LED screens we have delivered over the years for our customers, the exhibition introduced the newest technologies used in versatile display solutions. Every stone was turned during our visit, which included seeing some pretty impressive mechanical engineering as well.

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  • 01/10/2018
    First-time-use of Digitekno video screens in Turku sports hall successfully completed

    Volleyball finals gave a kick-start for Turku sports hall and our video screens

    During the first weekend on January 2018 some serious games were played in Turku´s shiny new sports hall, when volleyball finals were played between two great clubs VaLePa and Hurrikaani-Loimaa. For us in Digitekno, witnessing our solution in action was as exciting as the games played, because understandably there is always little anxiety around one`s own work, even though we know how to work our way around video screen solutions.

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  • 04/06/2018
    New scoreboards for Naantali ice hockey hall

    Newly renovated ice hockey hall received top notch scoreboards

    Not so long ago we delivered our extensive ice hockey scoreboard system with wall-mounted ringette displays to Varissuo ice hockey hall in Turku. Now we paid a visit to Turku´s sunny neighbour town Naantali, where the city has been updating its winter sports facilities for some time now. The hall renovation included the purchasing of high quality scoreboards that were to impress the users and the viewers. Thanks to thorough groundwork of our customer, our technicians had a smooth run when mounting the scoreboards.

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  • 11/09/2017
    A record-breaking work safety display on the go

    The largest ever made work safety board turned out be a real challenge 

    Our guys in production really rolled their eyes when turned out we were going to build this monster of a work safety board for our customer. At first we wouldn´t
    realise the challenges we needed to overcome building this giant, but every work phase made us smarter. The polycarbonate covering, taping and afterwards
    holding it all together weren´t easy tricks to pull, but our guys - who have seen it all in electronics assembling - truly excelled in this challenging project.

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  • 09/08/2017
    Digitekno company presentation video - Making of

    Team performance by the eyes of a professional video maker

    The subcontracting exhibition in Tampere is soon-to-be-held and this year we`ll attend the event together with a bunch of local companies from Vihti.
    Our shared department will be decorated with Digitekno´s wowing superlight video screen, where all the attendees will play their video footage during the Expo.
    We were lucky to have Mr Eero Joenrinne from Eero Joenrinne Films to shoot our film, he pulled the job as a true professional, but we also expected
    nothing less from him. Special thanks go to our employees, who showed excellent attitude towards this project, which by all means is a very crucial one,
    especially marketingwise. Looking forward to see the final piece!

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