DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO Akaa Areenalla Suomi-Unkari lentopallomaaottelussa

Akaa areena received its inauguration in Finland´s volleyball victory over Hungary

The newly built indoor sports facility called Akaa arena gained its first user experiences when Finland rallied over Hungary in 3-0 victory in men´s international volleyball match on Sunday the 28th of May. It became very clear early on that the evening wasn´t going to be easy for our Hungarian visitors, when our Finnish "brothers" were pounding their shots on the ground one after another. Not only were the spectators very excited about the flattering scores shown in Digitekno´s large LED screen custom scoreboards, but also anxious in terms of the durability of the floor, whether the shiny new floor can withstand the numerous hits from Finnish hitmen. Congratulations to the Finnish volleyball team on their victory and performance, and thanks to our partners in the city of Akaa on our co-operation of creating this phenomenal facility!