Digitekno´s logistics displays to optimize Meira Nova´s goods traffic

In Summer 2019 we delivered a major logistics display system to logistics center of Meira Nova Oy - a retail store owned by the major Finnish retail chain S-group. The system will optimize the operation of the shipment area, where goods are being transported all around Finland. We help Meira Nova and it´s suppliers to achieve their number one goal, which is to "deliver the customers with exact orders by exact time".

Meira Nova has been very satisfied with our system, which consists of 40 LED displays and a custom-made control software. After receiving positive feedback, we decided to produce a reference video displaying the system. The video tells more than thousand words, but if you know Finnish, you may listen what our customer, Meira Nova´s Supply Chain Manager Jouni Laukkanen has to say about working with us.

We want to thank Meira Nova and Jouni Laukkanen for fine co-operation and commitment within this project!