Ground-breaking quantum computer

Digitekno´s products an integral part of the newly-built quantum computer

Among the firts countries in the world, Finland was able to produce a machine, which magnitude of counting capacity will revolutionize multiple industries. Digitekno is pleased to be a minor but very important part of the new quantum computer, of which can be found in not morethan 10 countries around the world.

The leading Research  Manager of Micro Electronics and quantum technologies of VTT (Technical Research Center of Finland) Pekka Pursula regards the completion of the machine to be an outstanding milestone, which proves the world that Finland is a global hotspot for Quantum Technology know-how.

- What´s really great about this achievement is the fact that it´s almost entirely built out of Finnish craftmanship. 

Practically all of the key components, such as the cooling devices, processor and softwares have been made in Finland, not to forget Digitekno´s state-of-the-art special cables and connectors.