Digitekno as a part of the best sports facility in 2020

There`s been a lot going on within the field of sports facilities development in Finland in the past few years and it has been great to be part of it. New modern sports halls arise next to old traditional ones, which many times face heavy renovations, like in the case of Lappeenranta sports hall. In Lappeenranta, the city decided to completely renew the iconic indoor sports hall from top to bottom, also the AV system along with many other crucial systems got updated. The city chose Digitekno to be their partner in delivering the best LED screen and scoreboard system there is, which happens to result from Digitekno´s own R&D. Lappeenranta sports hall became nominated the 2020 best sports facility in Finland, and we speak with great pride, when we say it´s a delight and a true honnor to be an integral part of the establishment. Furthermore, this wasn´t the first time Digitekno has been a part of such success story, in 2018 when the city of Turku built their new sports hall, the very same thing happened. The Kupittaa sports hall was then nominated the best sports facility of Finland in 2018.

Thanks for all the people involved in these wonderful projects, and looking forward to new projects!