Digitekno delivered jumbo screens for Eurobasket 2017

Digitekno equipped wolves during Eurobasket 2017 group stage in Helsinki Arena - Great scores on great jumbo screens

Working together with the Finnish Basketball Association came to grande finale when Eurobasket 2017 group stage games were played in Helsinki Arena, where Digitekno´s two lightweight 20 sqm jumbo screens shone bright during the games. Our team the Finnish Wolves pouched throughout the group stage very impressively, and thus justified the size of our jumbo screen scoreboard, custom-made for the Finnish Basketball Association.
The scores shown on our screens were easy on the Finnish people´s eyes, who also got to see some unforgettable basketball moments delivered by some of the best athletes in Finland. Digitekno wants to express its commendations to both, the Finnish Basketball Association for organizing a wonderful event and the team of Finnish Wolves, who made it all so enjoyable by performing so well.