Digitekno moving into new facility

It´s happening - Digitekno moves into new facility within Nummela area

For the past two years we have been living times of significant changes and uncertainty. The overall situation initiated by the Covid-19 pandemic has lately shown slight likes of relief, but external factors, such as material availability, rising prices and logistics delays, are still causing notable challenges for our production and business operations as a whole. The recent war in Eastern Europe has further destabilized the working environment for nearly all businesses in Europe. Having said that, and despite the wide uncertainty, the general level of business actions and activities is growing by the day, which gives one joy and positive views of future. Among many, Digitekno has had its part in the growth, from which we owe a great deal of gratitude to you, our dear customers, as well!


Our goal for moderately sloping growth and annually rising turnover first led to expansion of our current facility, and after some blocks falling into their places, it enabled us to take the steps of moving into completely new facilities. The new more functional space will provide us the means for further growth together with our customers. Furthermore, the growth of our business will had its most welcomed side effects on the Municipality of Vihti as well as for the local entrepreneurial scene.


In practical terms, our moving is already taking place, whereas a number of our business functions are somewhat fully operational as we speak. The last part will be completed during week 20, when we will have some minor capacity issues as we will do our best to make this shift run as smoothly as possible. In a larger picture, the moving will empower us to grow our production and now and in years to come, so we can meet the demands of our customers even better in the future!


Our new postal and visiting address starting by the 1st of June 2022:
Peräsimentie 5
03100 Nummela


Our phone numbers and e-mails will remain as such as the current ones.


We wish an energetic and hard-working year to everyone!