Latest LED screen projects have had their first use experiences - as well as ball hits

During the last quarter of last year we delivered several new LED screens to sports halls across Finland. Our customers in Lappeenranta, Salo, Lieto and Vantaa have since their LED screen was installed had time to test and try their new system, which included Digitekno`s sports scoreboard software and other scoreboard appliances as well as the screens. We have received mostly positive feedback, but also some contructive criticism, which we take into our hearts, in terms of how we are handling it. For example in Salo, where we knew that the constant ball hit threat, when futsal is played, is there, we had to make some customization to our solution, to ensure the ball hits won´t stop the screen from functioning. Thanks to our good co-operation with our customer, the city of Salo, we have tackled the issue successfully.

In Lappeenranta, the local sports hall had been under heavy renovation, when we brought in our state-of-the-art LED scoreboard system. The new system has now been tested in many sports events already, and shows no signs of any weaknesses, so thumbs up for that one. Our customer in Lieto showed some serious self-imposure and stepped up with an idea to cover their precious LED-screen with a transparent polycarbonate board. The screen in Vantaa was installed high up close to the ceiling, so it can be seen by people, but cannot be hit by balls, it seems.

The place does matter.