New year welcoming interesting projects

The first quarter of 2021 fires up with some interesting new projects. In February, we deliver a giant LED screen supplied with our DT-SPORT scoreboard software, scoreboards and shotclocks, to a newly built Jokirinne learning center in Kirkkonummi, where for instance championship floorball will be played and broadcasted. We were also successful in agreeing on terms of delivery with a great Finnish company Lohjan Kumi ja Matto Oy, who will be moving to their new facilites they invested in and built from scratch, and which will soon have two Digitekno LED screens attached to its facade.

Fortunately things are happening around other product groups as well. In upcoming spring we will be delivering 10 pcs of outdoor work safety displays to a well-known established Finnish corporate giant, who is really taking steps in further improving the dialogue within the work safety issue at its plants around Finland. Once delivered, we hope to cover some more details of the project. Overall the year 2021 looks promising in terms of conducting business, hopefully the same tailwind blows to our customers, partners and suppliers, since it´s fair to say, the positive vibe will benefit us all in the end!

Happy and successful year 2021!