Contract manufacturing

Are you in a need of a reliable partner for contract manufacturing, where handcraft and quality makes a difference. Our way of working is very flexible, we deliver agile and fast-paced solutions for our customers. We locate in Nummela, in Western parts of Uusimaa region, but we serve our customers nationwide.

Control cases and panels

  • Mechanical planning and layout design
  • Electronics and software design
  • Material purchasing
  • Assembling
  • Aging
  • Testing
  • Spare parts and maintenance services

Cable series and assembling

  • Special cables
  • Servo cables
  • Data cables 
  • Electric harnesses
  • Signal cables
  • Coaxial cables
  • Flat ribbon cables etc.

Control centers

  • Design and manufacture
  • Marine industry

Aviation obstruction lights

  • High brightness LED-lights
  • For airports, high towers etc.

"Digitekno is our long-term partner. As a supplier Digitekno is flexible and reliable. Digitekno`s products are high quality and appear always on time. We can recommend working with Digitekno to other as well."

Promeco Group Oy

"Our collaboration with Digitekno works well. We set our quality standards very high, but that doesn`t seem to cause any problems to Digitekno."

Obelux Oy

"We demand supreme quality and the fulfillment of international quality standards from every supplier. Digitekno`s products are an integral part of our high-tech solutions."

Biolin Scientific Oy