Calculator displays

We design and manufacture custom calculator displays for many purposes, such as counting visitors, showing government debt, time countdown etc. The displays can be complemented and personalized with different taping, different color LEDs or shapes of the display. The displays may show almost as many digits as one can imagine, even the debt of the Finnish government fitted into our custom-made calculator for Finnish Bank. The world famous TV format "Big Brother" also relied on us, when needed to countdown days in their house, and a simple calculator display did the job.  

Quantity calculator displays

Every year we manufacture a number of calculator displays that are used in industrial production lines or for commercial purposes, such as counting the number of visitors in fun parks.

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Debt calculator display

Every once in a while - when there is enough debt like in Finland - we come out with a display that daringly shows the large numbers. 

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Visitor calculator display

The displays show the number of visitors in malls, outdoor fit steps or fun parks, to give an idea. Different camera or sensor solutions form an API with our display, which can be widely customized. 

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Tornimäki outdoor fit steps, Nurmijärvi

- Visitor calculator display

In Spring 2019, together with the municipality of Nurmijärvi and a fellow company ESOY Erikoissuojaus Oy, we delivered a custom-made visitor calculator display, to Nurmijärvi´s newly opened outdoor fit steps facility in Tornimäki The calculator is connected to a camera and sensor sytem, which recognizes every visitor passing by, leading to increasing number in our display. The display was equipped with a 5-digit number, meaning a maximum of 99 999 annual visitors. Already now the number has exceeded 99 999, which is on the hand a pity, since its starts from 0 after the maximum is reached, but on the other hand a huge success, in terms of promoting public health.  

The picture on the left shows real-time footage from the Tornimäki fit steps, where brisk men and women are doing some serious exercising, as we look the picture. By refreshing your browser (press CTRL + F5), the amount in the display is updated with the picture being updated. Digitekno is happy to be a significant part of this campaign that above all promotes public health.