Work safety displays

Acting on behalf of work safety issues is something almost every company has to deal with nowadays. Work safety and the ways of communicating it can always be improved, though. A work safety display reminds the employees and their executives about work safety, as they come and go for work. We manufacture a whole lot of work safety boards every year, which all emphasize different aspects but relate to such an important matter, safety at workplace.

Work safety display for showing injury statistics

Work safety display for showing injury statistics

  • Number of displays between 1-5 (ask us for custom solutions)

  • Number height 45mm, 100mm or 150mm

  • Setting values by using press buttons or automatic calculators

  • Digits in single display between 1-9 (default 4 digits)

  • Control with press buttons, control grip or using PC program

  • Displays for days without injuries, annual lost-time injuries etc.

  • LED color red (default), green, white, orange, blue, yellow

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Work safety display for showing injury statistics and text

Visual design according to customer´s brand

  • Front panel polycarbonate board with customized taping

  • Our design service helps with product design

  • Logo location top left as default

  • The text font, font size, color and style can be chosen

  • Text in one or more languages, spelling approved by customer

  • Text size for indoor applications 40-80mm, outdoor 60-120mm

  • Front panel board can be easily renewed

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Work safety display for showing injury statistics and time-thermometer

Time, temperature and text as extra features

  • Time and temperature added value for outdoor applications

  • Text matrix enables showing short or even longer slogans

  • Temperature information received with an external sensor

  • Static and rolling text format applicable for text matrix

  • Extra display number height 45mm,100mm or 150mm

  • Time information (hh:mm) using GPS-receiving unit

  • Ask us for special features, wind speed display, date display etc.

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