Electronics built to perform and last

 In the core of our business operations is the concept of lifecycle, which initiates from sustainable material use, focuses on production processes that ensure long lifetime for our products and emphasize on thorough testing, and concludes when a satisfied customer gets things done using our product. We deliver our customers products with their requests regarding appearance and quality well taken into reality and brought to harmony with our own quality system. We lean on ISO9001 quality and ISO14001 environment standards.  

We always ensure that when entering the manufacturing stage, our product planning has gone through a critical evaluation. The designing stage is assessed in terms of quality, durability, environmental impact and visual appearance. When designing and manufacturing professional electronics, it´s crucial to take safety of the products as well as authority regulations into account. In essence, that´s our compass in navigating.  

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Electronics design

Electronics design

We design circuit boards, circuit diagrams and LED electronics based on our vast experience and in-depth knowhow. Our design takes your prototypes to the next level.

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Mechanics design

Mechanics design

Electronics demand protection, like sheet metal structure and aluminium casing. We design optimized mechanical solutions by using state-of-the-art 2D/3D programs. 

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Software design

Software design

We build embedded systems that control our LED displays and spark up life within our electronics. A variety of different environments are used while the magic is done (Linux, Windows, etc.).

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Electrical wiring design

Electrical wiring design

In order to run things smoothly, we help our customers with electrical wiring design, that is, on how to link our electronic devices to existing or yet-to-be-built cabling. They seem to appreciate it.

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Electronics assembling

Contract manufacturing

Assempling control panels, consoles, link boxes and aviation obstruction lights is something we do on a daily basis, so we know how it´s done.  If we didn´t, we wouldn´t have long-term customers.

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cable series manufacturing

Cable series manufacturing

We manufacture and assemble cable series with all kinds of cables and connectors, some of which you may not know even existed. We specialize on special cables.

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Our experienced and skilled technicians take care of the installation for you. When needed, we also provide you with hands-on training and technical support.

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While our heads are sometimes in the sky, our feet are still firmly on the ground, so we realize that our electronical devices need maintenance every once in a while. 

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We ensure quality with

testing and documentation

We have received very grateful and pleasant feedback from our customers, when it comes to  reliability of delivery.  We know testing plays a significant role in getting such good results. We invest our time and money to testing and environmental-friendly production in order to reduce loss, the number of reclamations and logistics costs, which will ultimately help our customers reach their goals toward quality and environment. 

As an example of our uniform production and successful testing, one of our biggest customers Promeco Group Oy reported that during the last year, they enjoyed  99,6% reliability of delivery rate and there were no reclamations made. 

We test all products in terms of their components and as end products. Thoroughly executed testing helps us redeem our customer promise,  which is to deliver our customers high quality, long-lasting electronic devices that cause no worrying whatsoever. Our testing methods include aging, power cuts and mechanical strain tests, as well as product-specific testing equipment and softwares. If the products call for laboraty testing, such as EMC or LVD testing, we know where to turn to.

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By investing our time and efforts to documentation we

enable traceability

We believe in testing our products, before sending them out to customers.  With that been said, if our customers end up receiving faulty products, our dedication to documentation enables us to track down each incdividual batch, where the faulty product was brought to life, and minimize the loss for our customer.

Our modern  enterprise resource planning system (ERP) makes managing our documentation a lot easier,  and we have taken things even further with self-made interface between ERP and our serial number data base. All our products and product-specific documents are equipped with serial numbers and codes, which enables us to track products, spare parts or components from years back in time, and connect them with the right manufacturing batch. 

Whenever needed and our customer especially requests upon documentation, we provide the customer with project-specific 2D-/3D production documents, which become sole property of our customer, once we are finished with drawing the documents. In other words our customers can outsource their product design for us, either partially or entirely, i´s up for them to decide.

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"We demand supreme quality and the fulfillment of our international quality standards from all our suppliers. Digitekno`s products are an integral part of our high-tech solutions."

Biolin Scientific Oy


"Digitekno is our long-term partner. As a supplier they are flexible and reliable. Their products are high quality and appear always on time. We strongly recommend working with Digitekno"

Promeco Group Oy