Cable series manufacturing for industrial needs

In addition to manufacturing a huge set of different LED displays, we manufacture all kinds of cables for various industrial applications. We do both small and large numbers, always based on the real need of our customer.  We like to listen to our customers when finding best solutions, but we throw in our expertise whenever needed. Below you may get acquainted with our most common cable types. 

Special cables and cable series result from

skillfull craftmanship

We call ourselves an electronics multitalent for a reason, since on top of LED based electronic devices and various control panels, we manufacture high quality cable series complemented with connectors chosen according to project, to tens of regular customers.  Somehow our customers tend to stick with us, they must be happy, and so are we. In most cases our cables end up being parts of complex high-tech equipment, where service reliability and  trustworthiness is emphasized.  A criteria we can meet.

Our modern  enterprise resource planning system (ERP) makes managing our documentation a lot easier,  and we have taken things even further with self-made interface between ERP and our serial number data base. All our products and product-specific documents are set out with serial numbers and codes, which enables us to track products, spare parts or components from years back in time, and connect them with the right manufacturing batch. 

Whenever needed and our customer especially requests upon documentation, we provide the customer with project-specific 2D-/3D production documents, which become sole property of our customer, once we are finished with drawing the documents. In other words our customers can outsource their product design for us, either partially or entirely, i´s up for them to decide.

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Control cable

Control cables

For machines, engines and vents
Connectors are freely chosen.

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Sensor cable

Sensor cables

Cables according to sensor type
Customized cable length, based on needs.

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Servo cable

Servo cables

For controlling servo engines
Connectors according to servo manufacturer.

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Data cable

Data cables

Teollisuuden elektroniikkasovellukset
Yleisimmät liitintyypit varastossamme.

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Flat ribbon cable

Flat ribbon cables

Electric applications for industry
We provide all poles between 6-64.

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Coaxial cable

Coaxial cables

Radio Frequency -applications for industry
Customized connector and cable types.

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"We demand supreme quality and the fulfillment of our international quality standards from all our suppliers. Digitekno`s products are an integral part of our high-tech solutions."

Biolin Scientific Oy


"Digitekno is our long-term partner. As a supplier they are flexible and reliable. Their products are high quality and appear always on time. We strongly recommend working with Digitekno"

Promeco Group Oy