Carefree contract manufacturing  

We manufacture versatile electronics for shipping, manufacturing and retail industries and public sector organizations. In our hands, control cabinets, panels and LED-based electronics come to life, and with supreme quality. We have vast experience and up-to-date knowhow from what´s inside of the electronic capsules and what has been left outside. Our products are manufactured in accordance to our customers´ own documentation or based on our R&D, which includes purchasing and storing of the materials if needed. We are a reliable partner for contract based manufacturing services, so contact us for more information. 

Kytkentäkotelo valmistuksessa

Connection boxes

Our production facility enables us to work with both big and small projects, as we take a stand towards all projects with uniform quality, reliability of delivery and customer satisfaction in our minds.

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Controller panel

Control panels

We help our customers in finding easy-to-use and visually clear solutions for controlling various electronic systems, such as direction of rotation for engines. The control panels we make are user-friendly and visually appealing.

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Ohjauskeskus valmistuksessa

Control cabinets

We assemble control cabinets, centers and other electronic devices precisely and with uniform quality. We are happy to work with projects of all size, and we ensure every product will go through the same quality control.

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Manufacturing aviation obstruction lights strives 

accuracy into new heights

Aviation obstruction lights made by Digitekno can be spotted on top of high buildings, towers and masts all around the world. First and foremost they are a safety product, so the criteria over quality and operability is set to the highest. Their purpose is to give bright and clear signs to plains and pilots, not to crash high structures. Constant quality supervision has forced us to develop our manufacturing processes into heights with no comparison, and has helped us in getting rid of the weak links in the chain. We manufacture the aviation obstruction lights in our production plant in Nummela, South of Finland, where our international customer visit us every year.

We have manufactured aviation obstruction lights based on an ongoing contract for years, so we know we have met the expectations of our demanding customers. The trust has been built on the combination of high-quality and precise work, detailed documentation, listening to our customers and taking responsibility of developing new ideas. The quality standards that were first targeted to only aviation obstruction lights, now pass through the whole organization, in which we want to thank our loyal customers. Everybody wins, when requirements and rewards are put to a right proportion and in harmony. Having said that, the bearing force of our solution-oriented concept is to achieve win-win outcomes.

Sopimusvalmistusta tarkkuus edellä

Valuing accuracy

Manufacturing multiple electronic products takes us significant amount of accuracy, which is delivered by our skilled and hard-working employees.

luovaa ja asiakaslähtöistä tuotesuunnittelua

Treasuring looks

As well as our products are functioning, we strive to make them look visually expressive, which we think will add on to user experience.

Testaaminen menestyksen mittarina

Tested goods

Testing is an integral part of our manufacturing process and by testing we ensure the high and uniform quality of each product sent out on the world.

Pakkaamalla ehjänä perille

Carefully packed

We pack our products according to customer and product needs. Careful packing will help us minimize the risks in delivery and transportation.


"We demand supreme quality and the fulfillment of
international quality standards from every supplier. Digitekno`s products are an integral part of our high-tech solutions."

Biolin Scientific Oy


"Digitekno is our long-term partner, and flexible and reliable as a supplier. Their products are high quality and appear always on time. We recommend working with Digitekno to others as well."

Promeco Group Oy