A dialogue between mechanics and design 

 We design a vast number of different electronic devices for industrial, retail and public sectors. The conditions our products have to stand against vary, and so do the solutions we design and produce. Our approach therefore starts with a thorough customer needs assessment, which gives us directions to go, and take our customer, because we don´t  expect our customers to know precisely what they are looking for. That´s where we come along. When designing mechanical parts, such as cases, cabinets and consoles or welded structures for LED dsplays, we always take heat evaporation, air circulation and factors effecting ingress protection into account. We are willing to work with projects of all size, so let us know how we can help you.

Ohutlevyjen työstö

Sheet metal parts

By using the most sophisticated  2D/3D design softwares we bend sheet metal into shapes and forms beyond expected. Sheet metal parts are an integral part of our LED displays and some of the control panels. We can control the weight when grounding on sheet metal.

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Havainnekuva teräskehikkorakenteesta

Welded steel structures

We help our customers in finding the optimal solutions for installing various size systems, where bearing capacity, stress and strength of the materials and alternating weather conditions matter. We design mechanical structures of jumbo sized LED screens and display portals. 

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Muovituotteiden suunnittelu

Plastic parts

We design a large number of machined and transfer molded plastic products, according to customer´s own documentation or based on customized design projects done by us. Plastic components are used in the control panels for shipping industry as well as in the LED displays.

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Our products leave the production line

after extensively tested 

We have received very grateful and pleasant feedback from our customers, when it comes to  reliability of delivery.  We know testing plays a significant role in getting such good results. We invest our time and money to testing and environmental-friendly production in order to reduce loss, the number of reclamations and logistics costs, which will ultimately help our customers reach their goals toward quality and environment. 

As examples of our uniform production and successful testing, one of our biggest customers Promeco Group Oy reported that during the last year, they enjoyed  99,6% reliability of delivery rate and there were no reclamations made. 

We test all products in terms of their components and as end products. Thoroughly executed testing helps us redeem our customer promise,  which is to deliver our customers high quality, long-lasting electronic devices that cause no worrying whatsoever. Our testing methods include aging, power cuts and mechanical strain tests, as well as product-specific testing equipment and softwares. If the products call for laboraty testing, such as EMC or LVD testing, we know where to turn to.


"We demand supreme quality and the fulfillment of

international quality standards from every supplier. Digitekno`s products are an integral part of our high-tech solutions."

Biolin Scientific Oy


"Digitekno is our long-term partner, and flexible and reliable as a supplier. Their products are high quality and appear always on time. We recommend working with Digitekno to others as well."

Promeco Group Oy