Softwares to make hardware smart  

 In the field of software design, we create modern and sophisticated software solutions, where we seamlessly combine embedded systems and digital software solutions. With our vast software know-how we bring LED displays alive, build easy-to-use user interfaces and develop tailored software solutions for PC, web and mobile devices. We recognize that it´s important to enable our softwares to utilize different platforms or environments, which at each time best suit the customer needs. Additionally, we build various programmable logics to industrial projects.


Software design

We design and execute comprehensively various embedded systems, PC-programs and systems that require web or mobile user interfaces. Our design is guided by the virtues of usability and functionality, which need to go hand in hand. User interfaces are made from tablet -based touch screens to traditional control panels.

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Logic programming

Every year we carry out a number of different industrial projects, where programmable logics (PLC) are needed. By building a logic we help our customers to gain significant cost reductions and comfort of use, and we provide them chances for fast-paced system deformability.

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DT-SPORT softwares

We deliver a large scale of LED displays supplied with our content managing softwares, which are used to manage sports venues or to display commercial content. Our DT-SPORT softwares are applicable for numerous use cases, whether  it´s about using LED screen as a scoreboard or showing player cards or team line-ups for the crowd. Simplicity is the key, and our software does it well, all you need to do is determine the screen resolution, and all picture and video files will scale to perfect fit.

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