Joensuu Arena - DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO

The positive vibes of the city of Joensuu and the local sports clubs led to a situation, where we were happily delivering them our 12 sqm LED-screen to replace previously sold DT-SPORT ARENA package, which had been serving over the last years. We hold Joensuu´s trust in us in very high value, and we are pleased to continue providing our solutions to them. LED-screen was accompanied with DT-SPORT scoreboard software and 24/14s shot clocks.

DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO LED screen scoreboard in Joensuu Arena DT-SPORT 4x24s shot clock in Joensuu Arena

The city of Joensuu

DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO hanging LED-screen / DT-SPORT scoreboard software / DT-SPORT 24/14s shot clocks