Scoreboards for American football

The popularity of American football is growing both in Finland and in the Nordics and we want to be part of it. Our scoreboard for American football is made in Finland, comes with English display texts and is built on cable or wireless connection. The scoreboard has large 60cm high numbers using bright wide-angle LEDs. So far we have delivered our scoreboards for 8 American football clubs in Finland only.

Our scoreboard for American football can be complemented with 40s/25s shot clocks, which are placed on both ends of the field, as well as team name matrix, where the game organizer can feed the team names or other relevant information of the game.

DT-SPORT 14601AFB scoreboard

Connection: wireless or cable
Number height: 60 cm
External measurements 400(l) x 200(k) x 8,6(s) cm, weight 120 kg
Control: DT-SPORT 40 control panel
Extensions: 40s shot clocks / team name matrix
Display language: English game texts

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DT-SPORT 2601AFB shot clocks

Connection: wireless or cable
Number height: 60 cm
Installation: both ends of the field
Functions: 40s/25s countdown
Control: DT-SPORT 40 control panel
Storing: easy to unplug between games

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DT-SPORT 14601AFB team name matrix

Use: applying team names
Letter height: 30 cm
Installation: attached onto top of scoreboard
Text feed: through PC-program
Max amount of letters: 18-20
Display: rolling or static

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What does it say on the scoreboard?

1. HOME = points for home team

2. POSS = the team currently having the ball possession

3. TIME = game clock / time-temperature (when scoreboard out-of-use)

4. GUEST = points for guest team 

5. DOWN = how many attempts (aka downs) have been made

6. TO GO = how many yards to go on behalf of the attacking side

7. BALL ON = how many yards the ball is from the goal 

8. QTR = which fourth (aka quarter) of the game is being played