Scoreboards for American football

The popularity of American football is growing in Finland and in the Nordics and we want to be part of it. So far we have delivered our scoreboards for six different American football clubs in Finland only.

DT-SPORT 14601AFB scoreboard

Connection: wireless or cable
Number height: 600 mm
Size: 400(l) x 200(k) x 8,6(s) cm, weight 100 kg
Control: DT-SPORT 40 control panel
Extensions: 40s/25s shot clocks / text matrix
Display language: English

DT-SPORT 2601AFB shot clocks

Connection: wireless or cable
Number height: 600 mm
Placing: both ends of the field
Features 40s/25s countdown
Control: DT-SPORT 40 control panel
Use: official games

DT-SPORT 14601AFB text matrix

Use: extension to scoreboard
Character height: 300 mm
Mounting: above scoreboard
Text input: Digitekno´s PC-program
Character amount: max 18-20
Display type: Static or rolling content