LED Multisport scoreboards and video screen solutions

Our scoreboards designed and manufactured in Finland, are pre-programmed for most indoor and oudoor team sports. All models come with sport-specified control panel and sound alarm function. Whenever new rules take place, our software is easy to update and maintain.

DT-SPORT 9150 scoreboard

Functions: time, score and period displays
Number height: 15 cm
Control panel: DT-SPORT 9
Extensions: shotclock scoreboards
Connection: wireless 
Size: 80(w) x 60(h) x 4,4(d) cm, weight 20 kg

DT-SPORT 8200 scoreboard

Functions: time, score, period, 1 penalty/team
Number height:  20 / 150 cm
Control panel:
Extensions: shotclock scoreboards 
Connection: wireless
Size: 120(w) x 100(h) x 8,6(d) cm, weight 30 kg

DT-SPORT 8202B scoreboard

Use: all indoor halls and arenas
Functions: time, score, period, 2, 5 & 10 min penalties
Number height: 20 / 15 cm
Connection: Wireless or cable
Extensions: shotclock scoreboards   
Size: 180(w) x 120(h) x 8,6(d) cm, weight 40 kg

DT-SPORT 10300B scoreboard

Use: all indoor halls and arenas
Functions: time, score, period, 2, 5 and 10min penalties
Number height: 30 / 15 cm
Connection: wireless or cable 
Size: 288 (w) x 120 (h) x 8,6(d) cm, weight 50 kg
Extensions: shotclock scoreboards 

DT-SPORT ARENA scoreboard system

Use: all indoor halls and arenas 
Functions: time, score, player number, individual fouls 
Number height: 20/15 cm
Control panel: DT-SPORT 40 (wireless or cable)
Size: 428(l) x 170(k) x 8,6(s) cm, paino 110 kg
Extensions: shotclock scoreboards, ad space 


Solution: high resolution super light-weight video display
Structure: hanging, modular
Video display control: Sports hall´s own system
Scoreboard view: DT-SPORT scoreboard software
Sports: basketball, floorball, ice hockey, volleyball etc.
Recommended size: minimum 500(w) x 300(h) cm