LED displays for indoor and outdoor use

LED displays for multipurposes

We provide a wide range of LED displays for industrial and commercial applications. Our LED displays are designed and manufactured in our factory in Nummela, where we serve our customers nationwide, and sometimes across borders as well. The most well-known of all LED displays is probably the clock-thermometer displays, which comes in many sizes both indoor and outdoor use. The clock uses GPS in keeping on time. We also manufacture text matrixes for showing static or rolling text information, industrial displays to show specific variables and work safety displays to show the number of accidents at workplace, to name a few.  

Clock-themometer display

Clock-thermometer displays

The display shows clock and temperature in turns,
displays come in many size and for outdoor and indoor.

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Logistics display

Logistics displays

The display shows information using ex.g. text, arrows,
applications fro traffic halls, harbours, factory areas etc. 

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Calculator display

Calculator displays

The calculators can be programmed to count up or down, the number of digits can vary accordingly.

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Text matrix display

Text matrix displays

The display shows static or rolling text,
the size of the text may vary between 100 - 300 mm.

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Industrial display

Industrial displays

The display shows chosen industrial variables,
APIs to customer´s own automation system.

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Work safety display

Work safety displays

The display shows the number of injuries, days without injuries, total recordable injury frequency, etc.

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Metsä Group bio-product mill 
- LED display system for traffic control

In Autumn 2017, together with Finnish software giant Tieto Oyj, we delivered an extensive LED display traffic control system for Metsä Group´s new production plant in Äänekoski, in the mid parts of Finland. Hundreds of trucks full of wood visit the factory area every day, meaning that the truck drivers need to know how to work their way into the right place, or otherwise the logistically somewhat challenging factory area will turn into chaos in just an hour. The traffic control display system consists of two large-sized, 7-lane display portals, street signs and and wall text matrixes.

In addition to our vast turn-key display delivery, we agreed on a comprehensive After Sales contract, to make sure the system will maintain its operational status at all times. Metsä group, our customer, was left with comfort and ease, knowing that they have our support, if something surprising happens.


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