Industrial displays

We design and manufacture LED technology-based display solutions for various industrial needs, like production time calculators or displays showing values of given valuables. Displays are built on modular structure. Displays can be controlled by remote controllers, press buttons or via ethernet connection. The character height can be chosen between 90 and 900 mm. Most displays are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Production valuable display

We solve challenges set to us by our industrial customers, who want us to make displays that show their important production valuables. These displays are always somewhat custom-made.

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Power production display

More and more companies try to reduce their footprint by exploiting solar energy. With a power production display, you can show your goals for sustainability to the rest of us.

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Register number display

Car shops, garages, workshops and inspection stations may want to use a register number display, if they see value in smooth customer flow, with very little hassle.

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